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Online Learning
If you are interested in issues surrounding learning and the Internet, you should find the following pages of interest.

UK Online Centres
The aim of UK online centres is to enable everyone in England that wants it to have access to the Internet and email near to where they live. UK online centres are designed to meet the needs of local people who have low or no ICT skills or access to ICTs. They will provide access to the Internet and email, with support from staff in the centres, and help people to explore opportunities for further learning through ICTs.

Wired up Communities
The Wired up Communities initiative is investing £10 million of government funding to assess how individual access to the Internet can transform opportunities for people living in the most disadvantaged communities.

Other Sites of Interest

National Grid for Learning (NGfL)
The National Grid for Learning (NGfL) is the national focal point for learning on the Internet.

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta)
Becta is the Government's lead agency on the use of ICT in education, it plays a crucial role in helping to maximise the benefits to all teachers and learners that using ICT can bring.

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