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Opinion Poll
Each month we are asking you to help us picture the future of learning by giving us your opinion of how an issue is likely to affect you as an individual. Results appear at the end of each month.

Growth Poll

Are the Coalition's policies on education, training and lifelong learning going to help produce economic growth?

Do you think that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition is making effective use of education and training to boost growth and long-term economic performance? Please select your preferred choice.

The Coalition is fully realising the economic growth potential of effective education and training.
The Coalition is doing its best, but to limited effect.
The Coalition's education and training policies are economically neutral.
The Coalition's policies are to a degree negatively impacting on the economic growth.
The Coalition's education and training policies are actively making the economic situation worse and reducing long-term growth.

If you would like to suggest a question for the Opinion Poll, please Contact Us with the details of the question for consideration.

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