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Financing Learning
If you are interested in issues surrounding the financing of learning, you should find the following pages of interest.

Career Development with Learning Loans
Life is not a game, but you still need good strategy and planning to get the most out of it. If making the right career move means you need more training, make sure you are not held back by a lack of funding.

Higher Education Student Support
This website contains information that will be of interest to students living in England and Wales who want to know what financial help is available to them as higher education students.

Money to Learn
If you are: aged 19 or over; living in England; thinking about improving your skills or getting a qualification; wanting to know what financial help is out there. This site is for you! Whatever your situation, if you’re an adult thinking about any type of learning, this booklet aims to tell you everything you need to know about how to get financial support while you’re studying

Other Sites of Interest

Student Loans Company
Student loans are part of the Government's financial support package for students embarking on a course of higher education in the UK, and are available to help students meet their living costs while studying.

Sorting out funding can be complicated so if you get stuck, simply call the learndirect free and impartial helpline on 0800 100 900 for fast, friendly help.