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If you are interested in issues surrounding learning and the community, you should find the following pages of interest.

Click here for the Learning Partnerships Home Page
Learning Partnerships have been established to improve the planning and coherence of local post-16 learning.

Click here for Neighbourhood Learning
Neighbourhood Learning in Disadvantaged Communities is a DfES initiative designed to assist and inform the LSC development of community-based learning for disadvantaged adults. This includes the establishment of a series of demonstration projects exploring different models of neighbourhood learning centre.

Click here for Community Leadership Training Pilots
Community Leadership Training Pilots
This interim report offers a brief outline of emerging lessons and outcomes from the pilots. The aim of the pilots is to offer lessons and models that might be transferable to other disadvantaged communities in order to create and extend social capital through community leadership.

Click here to go to the ETLC Home Page
Empowering the Learning Community
This is the Government's response to the Education and Libraries Task Group report Empowering the Learning Community. In this response, an agenda is set out for early action by Government and its partners within the library and education sectors.

Click here for the Policy Action Team on Skills Home Page
The Policy Action Team on Skills is aiming to improve the skills of people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Click here to go to the Adult and Community Learning Fund Home Page The Adult and Community Learning Fund was launched by the Government in 1998 as part of its strategy to widen participation in learning and improve standards of basic skills. The Fund consists of � million made available through six bidding rounds.

Wired up Communities
The Wired up Communities initiative is investing � million of Government funding to assess how individual access to the Internet can transform opportunities for people living in the most disadvantaged communities.

Other Sites of Interest

Learning Communities Network (formerly Learning City Network)
Many Learning Cities and Towns are members of the national Learning Communities Network (LCN), a unique movement of learning communities: 'striving to ensure that all citizens share in the benefits of a learning society'.